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During this week, I do a little bit of research on the internship that interests me but there’s a very minimum I can find, and lucky I get some new sites, like ZipRecruiter, handshake. But most I found is also looking for summer interns. Also, I applied to the ESP (Emerging Scholars Program) which encourage the student to utilize what they learn during the class and help each other solve real-world problems.


This week I improved my resume, create a logo for myself in Photoshop which I found useful and easy to control when comes to logo stuff. I make a straight rectangle in a separate layer and use a rotation tool. I also use an eraser while holding down SHIFT to make straight erase. Finally, I connect each individual parts into my initial and add a moon shape, so there’s my logo.


This week I did some internship finding on LinkedIn and ArtStation. For those who don’t know what’s ArtStation, it’s a site for people to do 3D modeling and share artwork and information media platforms. There are things I am fully interested in like Infinity Ward, who’s developing Call of Duty. Blizzard Entertainment, Ubisoft, etc. But I know I must complete my resume first so I can apply whatever I want.


This week, I am pulling my resume information together. I did some researches online on how to make your resume looking good and ways how things position. Also by looking ay other’s resume, I figured out that you can add spoken languages into your resume to show your capability which companies might consider this as primary needs. Other things like listing all your technical skills is also important to show your capable skills.

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