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In this blog, I am going to self-evaluate my performance in this project. Overall, I think I was doing mediocre. Sometimes I was late on meeting, sometimes I do extra works and extend my working schedule. Sometimes I also helped Ryan organizing data before running out of time for a meeting, and sometimes I forgot to do my parts. Last, It’s a honor to meet with Ryan and my mentor and working together.


I have also got a chance to meet one of my mentor’s friends who was working in the animation field and now freelancing. He toughs me some useful tips about Cinema 4D and how some of the tools best work in certain situations. I also learn how to properly connect the character’s body parts so my character can walk like a real human being.


On Dec 3, me and my teammate Ryan, we attended the Awards Ceremony Presentation viz zoom link. There’re so many people and I was a little nervous but compared to a face-to-face presentation, this is easier for me. During the presentation, we get to know each other’s topics, how they execute some issues they had, and moreover receiving certification of the project.


So I have finally finished my job in the last week of November. I redesign the layout, to make it look nicer. We compared Amazon Basin to NYC’s weather Variability, mainly focus on precipitation, temperature differences during the past 30 years. As a result, we find the season cycle is different due to different climate phenomena where the Amazon basin showed the greatest intensity occur in January to March, minimum in July. We also observe an increasing trend in the intensity of annual precipitation and temperature events over the past 36 years.


I haven’t been posting stuff since it’s repeating comparison data, draw conclusions, help my other teammates doing their stuff. But I build a great friendship with Ryan, we get to know each other better. And I have finally come to the designing poster process, which I enjoy the most! I have also watched some ESP given tutorial videos teaching you online on how to build a proper research poster. Still working on the layout of the poster and hopefully, it will be finished next week.


We have finally decided on our object, Amazon Basin. During the data analysis from 3 New York City station Temp and Precip data(JFK, LGA, and EWR airport) I found they have opposite precipitation on Spring and Summer seasons. I also made a few slides for the weekly report. (Where my programmer teammate is doing diagram on the right, while I draw the conclusion and description on the left)


I learn MATLAB is a strong programming tool to analyze data, develop algorithms, create models and applications, as I have seen today when my mentor showing this to my programmer teammate. I also did some possible areas that might be a good comparison to New York City’s precipitation such as, amazon basin, Australia, South Africa, Brazil.


We had a group meeting before we get started on our research. As a result, my role in my team is to collecting other professionals’ data on different areas, some data analysis, draw conclusions, and designing a poster for our research result. Pro. Huang introduces how he worked with past students, how they design the poster, what are difficulties they had, and how they solve the problem.


On 9/28, I got acceptance from Emerging Scholars Program. The goal for me and my team is to do a research poster base on our topic, “Using Statistical Analysis to Examine Weather Variability in New York City.” I am pretty excited to work with my Professor Huang, and my teammate Ryan Chen.

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