About Me

My name is Yvonne Escobar and I am currently a Graphic Arts student at City Tech. When I was younger, I surrounded myself within the Arts atmosphere. Some of these activities were performing arts, which brought joy to my inner soul on how each routine would bring joy to such audience. However, I grew apart from it for a while and throughout each journey, I somehow always pictured it differently than how it truly captivated itself. As time went by, I was always sketching whatever I felt, saw, smelled, etc. My grandmother was a fine artist in Colombia and still is ‘til this day and always sent me painting kits, as our way of connecting. I was not sure what I would ever want to do as an adult but deep down, I knew I wanted to be in the Arts field.

I was not aware of such career until my senior year in Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics. I had been stress because everyone was sure of his or her future except for me. In frustration, I was searching for an art piece I once came across and my sibling happened to ask what I thought of it when she observed the sketch with me. I gave my critique and sketched it again with my own retouches. My sibling amusingly shouted that I should become a graphic designer. I had no idea why that never occurred to me but my first thought was “I am much less creative than an actual designer is” so I found myself in production management. The deeper I get into this field, the more passion I get towards it. It pushes me more each day and shows I am capable of such abilities I am not aware of. I am going to keep striving for the best, and let it take me as far as the stars.