Internship | Journal Entry #7

Since the internship is almost coming to an end, it’s time to show what I have designed for the PAP department. As a designer, I wanted to be as valuable as possible, so I was always on the look to bring something to the table. There are many things that I could have done with time. However, the things that I got to design are still valuable and hopefully useful in the future. As I mentioned in my past entries, I had to design a logo and create a stock photos library for the PAP department to use for their content creation. I had the opportunity to take pictures inside the campus and work on the identity of the department. Also, to share layout ideas for the future of the partnership online page at City Tech.

Since the web page is limited to the content that we can post, I decided to create a series of images or PDFs that contains information about the Public Affairs and Partnerships department. This definitely brought more life to the site, including an original picture from a student at City Tech. This image was made with the combination of the logo designed and chosen by the supervisor, and some images from the few stock photos that I created. It looks professional, with personality, and represents the actual audience that goes to City Tech. That’s one of the key points that we wanted to change with this assignment. The way the college is perceived. What people frequent there. What do they teach, and is it really ” Tech”. I decided to show all of these points in my image and have a layout ready to use for them in the future as a guide to creating more of these that actually display the disciplines being taught at City Tech.

This will probably be my final blog about the internship, and I just would like to mention and give a big thanks to Bradley Burford for giving me the opportunity to experience a professional work environment and get experience. It will be needed for my future and I can say that I left a seed planted that they can grow in the future.

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