App Review #2 | Sketchbook

The Sketchbook App is an application made for phones that allow users to draw quickly anything that they would like to. This app is practical because having a sketchbook ready to use on your phone saves you time and space compared to the traditional paper sketchbook. However, it might require a little bit more experience as it is harder to control the cursor with your fingers compared to an actual pen.

The app gives you different options where you can create a new sketch, upload it from your gallery, upload a photo and sketch over it, or save all your previously created work.

The interface is very simple, allowing users to know where everything is and have higher control over their choices.

The app has different tools where users can use a variety of pencils and brushes to draw details and a color wheel where you can pick any color that you would need with different saturation and lighting adjustments. The app is funny and useful to use, and I gave it a try and draw a quick palm under minutes.

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