Adobe Photoshop Touch on Screen

It is interesting that software companies are trying to create new products by putting in old ideas. After reading “For Adobe, the Future Is in the Past” by Nick Bilton (published in the New York Times), I can see that companies are trying very hard to create new products to catch the attention of the people. Adobe’s System chief technology officer, Kevin Lynch said “They want people to be able to touch the screen to create, just like we all used pencils and X-acto knives in the past.” I think that it will be a cool piece of product, but I will still like to use my mouse.

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Wausau Paper

Wausau Paper is a company specializing in distributing paper. They distribute color and premium uncoated papers for commercial print. On the side, they also manufacture towel and tissue products. Their headquarter is in 100 Paper Place Mosinee, Wisconsin 5445. They have a total of 11 Mills and Dictribution Facilities throughout the United States of America.

In 1997, Wausau Paper Mills Company and Mosinee Paper Corporation merged together to become Wausau Paper. Though the economy was not doing well, and it affected Wausau Paper, it is slowly improving. In 2010, Wausau Paper’s revenue is $1,055.7 million, net income of $36.9 million with 2,400 employees. Some of its primary competitors are Boise Cascade, Kimberly-Clark, International Paper, Weyerhaeuser and etc.

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Hello world!

Welcome to City Tech OpenLab. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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