4 thoughts on “small squares~”

  1. I’m probably just seeing stuff, BUT for the last fourn sat, hue, etc it looks like the center four squares in all of them follow like an algorithm that stands out. I would wonder if it was done on purpose … but you’re good at what you do and I’m going to assume it was on purpose.

    AND!! The top one looks like a pixelated heart. Reminds me of the begining of a amateur music video. But this isn’t a video and it’s good I wasn’t saying it was amateur, I’ma stop typing.


    1. I tried to did it on purpose, but it doesn’t seem like what I wanted. T.T
      The one on the top, I want to make it like a heart that doesn’t look like do on purpose but like I make it accidentally.

  2. coooooool…… I like it. it feels like you under the water looking at the sun and the darker colors are more further to the sun whereas lighter color more closer.

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