Using two letters make a shape

The first shape I use two “C” to make it like a Chinese word, but it should be something different, that is, in the middle I put a white line to make it looks special.

Then, I did a little change. I can’t explain why I did that change, but I just think it looks better than the first one~


The second shape I use the letter “b” and letter “q”. It doesn’t have any meaning, I just try to make it looks like more 3D.

I didn’t do any change on this shape, so if anyone can give me some advice I will thank you very much~^.^


The third one I use the letter “h” and “y”. At the first time, it may looks like a window, then it may looks like something else.


I made the lowest line shorter, the reason… I think is the same as the first one, I  just think it look better~

I did those three shapes in order to make people who look them and think about them. Imagination is amazing, such as there are different  people look at the same picture, but they will think about different things.

What I learned from this work is that I found how to make a shape doesn’t look like anything, but it really looks like anything. For me, my successful is I learned how to make a shape without think too much. I used to make a shape looks like something specific, but now I am comfortable with make it doesn’t looks like something. I am sorry about my sentence and grammar. But I really learned so much that make me found that I chose design is a right thing for myself. What I think I am not very successful is that I did some design, but I don’t know how to describe it to other people. By the way, it is not only because of the language.T.T

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