For Self-Evaluation, I asked myself these questions:

Was the internship what I expected? Why?

I expected a professional workspace and being surrounded by people to learn from. It would have been helpful to have done additional research and experience more job interviews.

What was the best part of internship?

Learned important skills that were helpful.

Realized that one of the most essential aspect to success is communication and being more flexible in workplace.

I learned that in workplace I should not be perfectionist. For instance, I used to waste a long time on a project to achieve a perfect result, but there are many other important factors I should consider, such as deadlines.

I learned I should not give ideas if I am not asked.

What was the worst part of internship?

I did not have full control of creativity and I was not productive as much as I expected.

During the internship. outside of designing the company’s logo, there were not any design projects. I would have enjoyed working on additional visual design projects.

I tried to educate myself by reading articles, talking to professionals, and going to meetups. I tried to be self-motivated, useful, and an influencer.