Ethics 1

In my internship we use our original illustration and we try to take photos instead of using other’s images.

This company is still in process of testing and they don’t publish any illustration or images. This website is for teachers and learners and mostly users provide their own images.

In this company they had never asked me to sign a non-disclosure agreement of any kind but I am aware and conscious of how to use materials( such as illustration and photos) while fully respecting the intellectual property rights of the artist.

6- Self Evaluation

Self evaluation:

Except designing the company’s logo that satisfied me, I haven’t design anything else by myself. The supervisor always tell me how to design and layout in detail. I was learning how to deal with people in work space more than designing. I would say my overall performance was 70%. During this internship I’ve been educating myself by reading articles, talking to professionals, and going to meetups. I tried to be self motivated, influencer, and useful.


5- Collaborative Project

Example of collaborative project I’ve worked on:

We were supposed to design “create profile” pages. We start talking about that. asked some question and found answers and started the design process.

who is the instructor? what information do we need from him/her? what do students need to know about her/him? do we need to show reviews? and many other question and answers…

One designer wrote context, UX designer sketch steps and functions, I designed UI part ( visual functions, layout, hierarchy, colors, fonts, shapes, icons)

4- What I am Learning

finally I was asked to do the project step by step. creating user flow, design pages based on that flow. Also I convinced the supervisor to stop explaining functions and interactions by words and paragraphs and show the function visually by prototyping. Now I have pages to design and I dont need to write about functions! Also it got easier for developer to understand the design and functions by clicking as a user, not reading. The design team and programmers are communicating better than before since then.




3- The Culture of My Work Place

Time is passing very fast. I am not as excited as the first day of my job. I feel I’m not living up to my potential.

This office space is very casual and informal. People are very polite and positive, but silence is annoying. People don’t talk to each other. They use slack to communicate even if they sit next to each other.

Every morning there is a meeting and I have the opportunity to talk to programmers. People answer me with short and incomplete sentences. I try to talk about pain point or how we can make things doable, but I should not do that. I’m just an intern, nothing more and there is no motivated people…

I was thinking:  ” I’m able to make a big change in here, I will talk to people, make conversations, send some articles and videos to my coworkers,  and finally here can be a professional work space that has a potential to grow for everyone.” …… I failed.

I’ve started to search for another internship position.



2- My Role

My role seamlessly changed to UI designer.

I realized that the company doesn’t have a site map, and they are coding at the same time as designing.

I had learned that creating a website or an application, needs pre planning and brainstorming in a group. There should be sketches, a style guide ( colors, fonts, sizes,…), site

map, wireframe of pages, user journey, user research, prototype, user test, redesign based on user test and at the end after finalize the whole design, that would be ready for developers team to start coding. It was very hard for me to start designing a page that I don’t know what is the previous and what is the next page.

I was very disappointed but I decided to talk to supervisor ( design team manager) to help myself and the team. I suggest to do those steps I mentioned, at least some of those…. but I failed.

I found this job on My interview was in person. We had a short conversation about myself, my experience, my passion and I asked some question about their company.  Also they needed a full time intern.

Image by Digital Lync



1- The company I am working for

The company that I am working for as an intern, is a Private startup in Chinatown, New York, called Etomon. The primary goal of Etomon is to make a Global E-learning website. This company has started working on this idea since 2017 and recently they are expanding their employers which most of them are interns.

There are two groups, Web developers, and designers. I got hired as a UX designer. They asked me to redesign their logo in first day. The supervisor is very interested in Airbnb website and Unfortunately she wanted me to design a logo similar to airbnb logo. after designing 4 different logos, I tried to change their mind base on what I’ve learned in communicating with customers, but I was not successful.

I’ve started my education in design field, since 10 years ago. Now I am very interested in User Experience and User Interface design. I was applying for different companies for UX/UI designer internship position, but There is some problems I faced with:

  1. I don’t have any experience in UX/UI.
  2. I am not a US Citizen.

Many of good companies ask for citizenship status beforehand.

I got this position after my second interview. I probably should have searched more and gain more experience of interviewing and find a better job in a well known company. It’s very complicated to work for startups.

image: The Logo I designed