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10-Why Dining Etiquette is important?


Photo by Nancy Ngo

Learning the Dining Etiquette will prepare people for the professional world. By reading “Dining and Business Etiquette” article, I learned the importance of proper dining. It is important because it supports civilized behavior. Knowing how to behave when dining formally helps keep people  from offending and shows respect for their company. It is important to focus on what people are talking about; not food or what they are doing at the table . It is said that “sometimes little details lead to big opportunities”. I think little mistakes can lead one to lose an opportunity!

I thought I knew everything about dining manners but I realized I was missing some important details. For example “when finish with the course, leave your utensil such as fork and spoon face down on the plate”.


9- Perspective on Copyright

Based on the articles on blackboard and our discussions about copyright, I noted that human rights and copyright are related in some aspects. After research on articles and videos for additional information, it became obvious that copyright protection is not part of human rights. It serves to protect the human rights of people. Copyright impacts freedom of expression.

Everyone has freedom in choosing a certain view to express. They also have freedom to choose specific medium to express this view.

Article 27 from The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

” (1) Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.”

“(2) Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.”

Human Rights Video: Copyright





Last week I attended in an event of a networking group for UX designers. There were 35 designers. We had dinner and talked about ourself and our experience. I talked to some of those designers and asked them about UX design portfolio template, job search, interview questions, and their internship experiences.

They helped me with storytelling in my portfolio and recommended me to participate in a boot camp to gain more experience in this field.

I exchanged business cards with a few of them and I received a job offer from one. Unfortunately, they only hire US citizens.

I highly recommend this website for professional networking:  meetup

7-Self Assessment


The Internship has been completed. I am looking back, thinking about what I’ve done, what was my weaknesses and strengths, and how I can improve.

I was hired to be the UX design intern. I was also asked to work on non-related to design projects which surprised me. I’m satisfied with this experience now as it helped me to be more confident after my internship. I became aware that I should know what what is expected and how to learn it when there is no one to ask. I’m now more patient, therefore my communication skills have improved.

6- Questionnaire


For Self-Evaluation, I asked myself these questions:

Was the internship what I expected? Why?

I expected a professional workspace and being surrounded by people to learn from. It would have been helpful to have done additional research and experience more job interviews.

What was the best part of internship?

Learned important skills that were helpful.

Realized that one of the most essential aspect to success is communication and being more flexible in workplace.

I learned that in workplace I should not be perfectionist. For instance, I used to waste a long time on a project to achieve a perfect result, but there are many other important factors I should consider, such as deadlines.

I learned I should not give ideas if I am not asked.

What was the worst part of internship?

I did not have full control of creativity and I was not productive as much as I expected.

During the internship. outside of designing the company’s logo, there were not any design projects. I would have enjoyed working on additional visual design projects.

I tried to educate myself by reading articles, talking to professionals, and going to meetups. I tried to be self-motivated, useful, and an influencer.




5- Example of Collaborative Projects

Example of collaborative project

The task to design was “Create Profile” pages for instructors. We started a discussion with questions and answers. Afterward we began the design process.

Questions Asked:

  • Who is the instructor (user)?
  • What information do we need from him/her?
  • What do students (users) need to know about instructors?
  • Do we need to show reviews?

There were many other questions and answers.

Project Development:

After the research process, one designer wrote context, another designer sketched steps and functions, I designed the User Interface part covering the following:

  • Visual Functions
  • Wireframes
  • Layout
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Shapes and Icons
  • User Test
  • Redesign

Collaborating with developers, increased my interest in coding.

4- What I am Learning

@Alexandre Dehon

I was asked to do the project step by step; to create user flow and a user journey map. The design pages were to be based on that flow.

Also I persuaded the supervisor to demonstrate functions and interactions visually. In addition to written content. Now I have pages to design and I don’t need to just write about functions! It got easier for a developer to understand the design and functions by clicking as a user as they now have the complete picture. As a result the communication between design team and programmers has improved.

During the design process I read numerous articles and watched videos. Additionally, I discussed with them.



3- Company Culture


Time is passing very fast. I am not as excited as the first day of my job. I feel I’m not living up to my potential. This office space is very casual and informal. Employees are very polite and positive but they don’t talk to each other. They use the software slack to communicate even if they are sitting next to each other. Silence is distracting.

Every morning there is a meeting and I have the opportunity to talk to programmers. Employees answer me with short and incomplete sentences. I I offered to discuss on resolving problems and software glitches to improve procedures. I should not do that. I’m only an intern, nothing more. This does not get that much attention and people are not motivated…

At the beginning I thought it was simple to contribute changes. I would talk with coworkers, expand on ideas, and follow up with articles and videos on the topic. I envision an ideal  professional workplace with contribution for potential growth. As an intern it was not practical!

I considered searching another internship position.



2- My Role


@Digital Lync

My role seamlessly changed to User Interface designer.

I realized that the company doesn’t have a site map, and they are coding at the same time as designing.

I had learned that creating a website or an application needs

Pre_ planning and brainstorming in a group. There should be sketches, a style guide (colors, fonts, sizes), site map, wireframe of pages, user journey, user research, prototype, user test, and redesign based on user test. At the end the whole design is finalized so it is ready for the developers team to start coding.

It was very challenging to start designing a page where I did not have a full picture, understanding what the previous and next page would be. There was a lack on the flow of the sequence.

I was very disappointed so I shared information to the supervisor to help myself and the team. Due to my being an intern, this perspective was not taken into account.

This position was obtained through indeed.com. The interview was in person. There was a short conversation about my work, experience, and passion for it.  I asked questions about the company. As they needed a full time intern, I was offered the position.



1- About The Company


The company that I am working for as an intern, is a private startup. The primary goal is to make a Global E-learning website. This company has started working on this idea since 2017 and recently they expanded their staff to include additional interns.

There are two groups, web developers, and designers. I got hired as a UX designer. They asked me to redesign their logo in first day. The supervisor is very interested in the Airbnb website and she wanted me to design a logo similar to the Airbnb logo. After designing four different logos, I tried to change their idea of it based on what I’ve learned in communicating with customers, but I was not successful.

Job search: I’ve started my education in design field 10 years ago. Now I am very interested in User Experience and User Interface design. I was applying for different companies for UX/UI designer internship position, These were some of the challenges I faced:

  • No experience in UX/UI
  • Not a US citizen

Many major companies ask for citizenship status before concidering a job application.

I was given this position after my second interview. I probably should have searched more to gain more experience on interviewing. This would have helped me find a position with a well known company brand. Working with startups can be challenging.



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