Professor:Brian Jones

PANDORA’s original advertisement, titled “Diamonds for All,” made its debut in BAZAAR magazine. This two-page advertisement is thoughtfully divided into two equal sections. The initial spread showcases a captivating close-up image of a model adorned with PANDORA’s exquisite “Diamonds for All” jewelry collection. On the subsequent spread, the PANDORA logo is prominently positioned at the top, accompanied by a subtle “Lab-Grown Diamonds” label. The most prominent text on this page boldly declares “SAY YES” in uppercase letters, with a delightful burst of color reserved for the words “For Myself,” written in a handwritten pink script, adding a personalized touch to the overall presentation.

Initially, our approach to redesigning the advertisement aimed to maintain the same style. However, during the course of this project, Professor Brian posed a thought-provoking question: “Do you wish to pursue the simplest design, or do you aspire to step out of your comfort zone?” Prompted by this query, Rofa and I engaged in extensive discussions and brainstorming, resulting in a shift from the original ad design to a more engaging article format. Consequently, we transformed the AD design into an article version.

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