Networking Event Reflection

Networking : For Good or Evil: Design’s Impact on Today’s Political & Media Landscape

This Networking event is held by Daily New Innovation Lab. One of the reasons I choose this event is because of the class trip, the other reason is the time is flexible to me. I am a night time person, so I think I would have a better condition to handle questions while networking. And the place is no so far either.

The event took place on the 6th floor of the Microsoft building. Before I get into the building, I need to show my ticket to the ticket inspectors at the front entrance. Then they gave me visitor pass to get into the building. The first impression when the moment I walked out the elevator is modern. There’s an open kitchen outside the conference room. It makes the whole space a warm feeling of home and makes me imagine how nicely if I can work here and have a coffee with co-workers. When I walked into the event area, there’s already a lot of visitors and they were happily having conversations with other people. There were drink and food serve in the event. I was about to get some cake, but the conference is 10 minutes away, I ended up grabbed a water and walked in the conference room.

There weren’t many people when I walked in the conference room. I meet a girl who sat next to me, called Wen, she is now studying at Fashion Institute of Technology. She used to major in fashion but then she interested in graphic design, so she changed her major. She came to the event is because she got attracted by the event title and thought that the conference would be fun. We had a great conversation before the conference started and we added each other’s social media after the conference.

The event moderator is Paul Kim. The three guest are Kelly Helfrich, the lead product designer in MLB Advanced Media, John Carlin, president of Red Hot and Paula Murgia, insights and innovation in Wunderman. Kelly Helfrich had said UX designer should listen to customer feedback and user experience. I think she pointed out a very good point, because I had experience in those good looking and well-designed website, but the function of it is unclear and confusing. I think function and user interface in web design should be always in the first consideration, not visual.

On the other hand, I like how Paul Kim brought up the Facebook fake new data during the election period in 2016. In today’s environment, fake news and rumor posts are everywhere. Credit and honest these basic ethics in the world around us has been trampled. Especially when crossing the bottom line, not only be punished the possibility is very small, but getting more benefits, such a scenario will lead to a large area the bottom line collapse. Any fake news or false information should not tolerate. So I think in the future, website should have a function that can detect fake news and false information.

However, what impressed me the most was Paula Murgia’s answer to the question “Is design good or evil?”, no matter if the design is ethical or unethical, moral or immoral, it is both good and evil and it is all about if the design is powerful. In my opinion, I think only powerful design would make the difference and able to draw a line to define whether it makes good impact and bad impact to the society and the people.