Graphic Symbolism

Commercial: Magnum Double Chocolate Ice cream – “Release the Beast”

Magnum Double Chocolate Ice cream is two layers of cracking chocolate with a luscious sauce in between. The concept for this commercial is to encouraging ice cream fans to release their wild side and crazy love for ice cream.

The target audiences are young adults, probably around 25- 35 according to the models in the commercial. In the commercial, those ladies who are eating ice cream are wearing noble and fashion dress, walking into a party or on the red carpet. In this case, it also reveals their selling strategies and consumers’ income level, which magnum is aiming to reinforce its chocolate and luxury credentials.

The symbolic in this commercial is the wild animals. They use the wild animals to visualize the mood and emotion if consumers eat Magnum double chocolate ice cream, make them feel and release the craze for ice cream. Besides, I would say this concept and use of symbolic are successfully created a strong affinity for people with similar interests, especially ice cream lovers.

According to Baudrillard claims, “commodities are not merely to be characterized by use-value and exchange value, as in Marx’s theory of the commodity, but sign value – the expression and mark of style, prestige, luxury, power, and so on.” It relates to the commercial is because Magnum used wild animals, red carpet, party, fashion and ladies’ posture to define their product’s sign value. Meanwhile, it also relates to the quote “in this system, the more prestigious one’s commodities (houses, cars, clothes, and so on), the higher one’s standing in the realm of sign value”. Magnum “Release the Beast” commercial, in this case, has used all these elements to raise their product value to compare to its competitors. At last, Baudrillard also claims that “commodities are bought and displayed as much for their sign-value as their use-value, and the phenomenon of sign-value has become an essential constituent of the commodity and consumption in the consumer society”. This phenomenon can be seen in the commercial, there is no much use-value with ice cream product, but sign value as luxury scene, beautiful young ladies and wild animals are not only to express the idea of everybody has a beast that lives inside them even those beautiful young ladies but also uses them to abstract consumers.

However, when the first time I watch the commercial I didn’t know how ice cream related to the wild animals, but the second time I watch it then I got the hidden message of the commercial. It is a very clever commercial by pulling out the wild side of ice cream lovers and focus on the sympathy. The expression of this commercial is interesting and quite successfully.