Field Trip to New York Daily News


When I know the class will have a field trip to New York Daily News, I was so excited and willing to visit they creative department. The first impression when I walked in the 4 New York plaza building was professional and made me think what if I get a chance to work here.

The meeting was held in a conference room. Paul Kim, is the creative director of New York Daily News. Him and his team talked about what they do in their job position and answered our questions. They are very nice people and know how to make audiences feel comfortable to listening to them taking. What had been mentioned the most is UX / UI and learning new skills. I was always thought that graphic designer doesn’t need to deal with web coding, but after Paul Kim and his team shared they experience, I realize that designer will always prepare to learn new skills. There will be no exception for designer not to learn overcome design problems and technical issues. They also shared the tools they use for their jobs. Such as sketch and Asure.

One thing I think it’s very helpful is they suggested us to write a follow up letter after job interview. I have heard this suggestion before but never put it in mind until they said they interns got the attention and position by thank you email. Also, being able to present and deliver design concept on your own design work would be plus for interview. All this suggestion is useful for graduates and for those who are struggle what to say during interview.

While I was paying attention to they talk, I thought about what position would be the best fit for me if I work in a company such as NY daily news. Which I don’t have answer for this thought because I want to go for a more flexible working environment.

This field trip absolutely a lesson for me. Someone asked do they need to know everything about News. They said they don’ t have to know everything but need to know about the content and people who produce it. I used to be worrying a lot when I was looking for job. I worry about strength, the difficulty of the job and job experience. After I attended this field trip, I know what am I worrying is not what I should be worry. If I never experience in the position, I won’t know how far I can go, so instead I need to improve myself, be confident and keep learning.