Field Trip to Anomaly

Before visit the design agency Anomaly, I thought it was a normal ad agency. I was surprised by the space when I was walking in the office. The office is very light and spacious. The Company interior design makes me feel cozy and relaxed. The working atmosphere there is professional and work-life balanced, because they take kitchen as one of the most important cultures in Anomaly. Almost every department has a kitchen, where they can gather around and share life and work experiences.

My aha moment is when I know they have photo and sound studio in the company. They also do video editing. It seems like they have a wide range od abilities to solve any business and design problem. Which also makes me think if anyone who has such skills can definitely apply for a position in this company.

There’s one statement I saw on the presentation “My biggest competitor today is a person with an idea”, this sentence really catches my eyes and took all my attention for a while. It makes me self-questioning and has been asking myself, do I ever have a big idea? What have I been doing during College years? All these questions suddenly come into my head. It also helps me get rid of a little confused state.

Besides, I like how they have different perspective and understanding of showing nail polish in a new way. The new campaign for Sally Hansen is definitely stand out from those traditional ideas. Additionally, I learned some new terminology, such us visual semiotics, brand toolkits, and campaign directive.

However, Anomaly is my dreaming working place. Especially the working environment, I haven’t had any chance to get to visit such company like Anomaly. I think for my future career path, I need to work harder, gain more real work experience and make myself more stand out for a company like Anomaly.