Art and Copy Movie

Art and copy is a documentary film directed by Doug Pray and it’s about the advertising industry in the U.S.  The film discussed a few ad campaigns such as Got Milk?, I Want My MTV, Super bowl Budweiser commercial, Think different, I Love New York and Just Do It.

The film also shows how these ad campaigns’ inspirations come from. George Lois combines the ideas of “I Want My Maypo” with “I Want My MTV” ad campaign by replacing the word Maypo to MTV. The “Got Milk?” is based on the idea of making sure the people are not running out of milk. “Super bowl Budweiser commercial”, the story of 3 frogs, Louie & Frankie the chameleons and the ferret. The campaign concept seems not related to beer, but for those who get the sense of humor from this commercial, it does make the clients or audience feel that they’re part of it.  Apple’s “Think Different” slogan has been taken as a response to IBM’s slogan ‘Think’ and it also represents Apple was back in business after the business trouble. However, Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan is inspired by Gary Gilmore’s last word “Let’s do it”.

One of the campaigns that inspired me the most is Nike’s ‘Just Do It’, I can’t believe the slogan was resources from a prisoner’s last word. The number one mission of Nike is to serve the athlete but the definition of athlete got expanded by the professionals. Then Nike’s mission changed to inspire people to participate in sport. When this slogan came out, it has influenced people’s life emotionally and sensationally. Audiences start to apply to it when their face to a negative situation and change their lifestyle to be healthier.



After watching this film, I think advertisement is both artistic expression and marketing experience. Just like the Nike campaign I have mentioned above. The campaign is surrounding by the fact that sport can bring a positive effect to people’s life. The content itself drives the audient’s emotion and the slogan strongly encourage people to be strong, these are part of the artistic expression. And it is also a marketing experience because it abstracts audiences’ attention and helps to build the brand to expand worldwide.

However, in this creative field, it is important to find a way to think out of the box. Sometimes people do have similar thinking model if one’s want to be success in the creative field, the only way is to think differently and to be the first one to thought about that idea. In this case, as a designer, we will always need to learn, read and think more than the others, so we can get more ideas and see one thing from different perspectives.