Abstract Reflection


Abstract: Paula Scher- The Art of Design

I have watched a few Paula Scher’s video before. This episode in Netflix abstract channel inspired more than ever. Not only her work, but her love to design and the spirit of innovation and her work ethic.

What impresses me the most is when Paula Scher talked about how to control the expectation from the client. This is a great tip for new designers when they present their work to clients. It is very obvious that client will always have questions on design work. At this point, client’s satisfaction will depend on how presenter delivers the design concept and persuade the others to believe what you believe. It is hard to do unless I have over 20 years design work experience.

Paula Scher mentioned a terrible design, which is the Palm Beach Ballot of 2001. Palm Beach County is one of the biggest Jewish residences in the world, but the election for president and vice-president result for anti-Semite. This all caused by the graphic designer who designed a butterfly ballot that confused the older voters in Palm Beach County. What I learned from this example is designer should design based on the situation and do more research before start design process.

I have been heard about Paula Scher’s map painting.  I was shocked when I saw Paula Scher took out more than one map painting. I couldn’t believe that she has so much patient and hard working to paint little words on a wall size paper. I think I would consider her as an artist than designer, an icon for designers.

However, at the end of the video, Paula Scher said, “what can I make next?”, made me feel that she’s asking me. As one out of many designers, what am I make next? Am I being able to be innovative? Can I do something different? All these questions had come into my mind at the sudden. Just one question, that’s enough to tell the difference between a professional designer and pre-designer. She made me addressing myself and taught me a lesson of what a designer should think about.