Assignment# 3: Experimentation / Iteration Value Scale


This activity was to created a value scale, which is a graduated scale of achromatic gray tones. It needed 4 scales starting with 2 steps and ending with 9 steps ranging from black to white. In order to mixing black and white in a variety of proportions until I get a progression from light to dark, i need to kept adding black into white paint. After that i painted on a Bristol  and the paint have to be smooth and free of brushstroke. Then I cutted out each of the value scales, and pasted on a 9x12in Bristol.

Assignment#2 Rhythmic Elevations

The last part of the assignment#2 is rhythmic elevation. In the top of the picture is the staccato and legato mash up, under the mash up is my free study of rhythmic elevation .

My rhythmic elevation is based on the sound of my name. When I was drawing the rhythmic elevation, I kept repeating the rhythm of the sound of my name in my head. I found the rhythm of my name is up, down, and up. So I used¬†triangle¬†wave lines to represents the higher sound of my name. Around the triangle wave lines, those lines are more smooth because they represents the lower sound of my name. Also, they represented my personality. Base on my personality, I am a pacifistic, simplicity, and visionary person. So you can see there are different shapes in the picture that was created by repeating lines. It is represented my imagination in my head. And those repeating lines are created in monotone, because I want people to understand my work easily at the first time they looked. Although I don’t have good drawing skills, but I try my best to make my work to show what I wanted to show to people.

Assignment#2 Staccato/Legato Pattern and Mashup

The second part of assignment#2 is to sketched out 12 thumbnails of staccato and legato patterns based on the song I heard. 6 thumbnails for staccato patterns and 6 for legato pattern. Then I choose 3 legato patterns and 2 staccato patterns to made a mash up, which is the picture in the middle.

Assignment#2 Visualizing Sound Research

For the research of visualizing sound, I have to listen to a song and imaging what the sounds looks like in my head. Then I have to sketch out 12 thumbnails to represent whatever song I heard. When I am listening to a song, the first thing it comes to my head is the repetition of rectangle. They have certain distance between each other. Then there are wave lines on the top of the rectangle. Those wave lines change to a circle, and the circle keep repeating itself to the middle point of the circle. In the following is different height of triangle arrange between rectangle and circle. So the shapes of the sounds are keep changing in my head.

Assignment#1: black and white figure-ground compositions stable and ambiguous

This assignment is about the black and white figure-ground compositions stable and ambiguous of my home window frame. It needs a lots of patience to do the craft. Especially when I was painting on the thumbnails and using the exacto knife. I had to be very careful on the details and did my best to make it looks good.