Assignment#5 Paired Color Identities

Paired color identity is I chose one color that could represent my partner’s personality, which is muted blue-green color (see composition on right side). The muted red color in the middle is both of us chose it for our common color.  I chose blue-green to identity her personality is because she gave me a fresh feeling, she’s out looking is very strong personality, so I decided to drew out her upon part of her body as the identity of her.  I made the edge looks like a film because my partner told me that she likes to watch movie.  Beside, she chose muted violet to represent my personality is because I am quite, don’t like to talk, it’s kind of made me have mysterious feeling for her. Even though I’m a simplistic person, i still a girl who is really like high heel, so she chose high heel to identity me (see composition on left side).

From this assignment, I learned how to communicated my opinions to others, and discussed  the problems with partner in order to learn her critical opinions.

Assignment#4: Expression of Form, Emotions, or Concepts part2

 Ben Snead’s pubic subway mosaic work 

This assignment is little bit more interesting because we had short walk trip. We went to see Ben Snead’s pubic subway mosaic work called Departures and Arrivals. In Ben Snead’s art work, he used metaphor, balance, and the range of saturation to represented the idea of one species come one species go. In addition, i had to used the concept of Departures and Arrivals to created my own work. I was about to use animals to represents the concept, but i wanted to do something different. Therefore, i decided to use the changing of season.

Assignment#4: Experimentation / Iteration

Prismatic ColorMuted ColorChromatic Gray

This experimentation is about chromatic gray, muted color, and prismatic color. Each part of the work is a 6×6″ gouache, painted-paper collage using at least six shapes. There are two part for each work, borad value range(light or dark) and narrow value range. I putted the borad value range on the left side of each work, narrow value range on the right side. This assignment helped me to get the ideas of    how colors represent a mood or concept when i use my way to combined them.

Assignment# 3: Experimentation / Iteration Value Scale


This activity was to created a value scale, which is a graduated scale of achromatic gray tones. It needed 4 scales starting with 2 steps and ending with 9 steps ranging from black to white. In order to mixing black and white in a variety of proportions until I get a progression from light to dark, i need to kept adding black into white paint. After that i painted on a Bristol  and the paint have to be smooth and free of brushstroke. Then I cutted out each of the value scales, and pasted on a 9x12in Bristol.