Week 7 Assignment -Tools of the Trade

Printing Standard for Web, Commercial and Newspaper

The color standard for web is SWOP, GRACOL for commercial and SNAP for newsprint. SWOP stands for Standard of Web Offset Printing. A set of guidelines that specify color standards, film densities, screen rulings, reverses, overprinted type, proofing, color bars, and proofing stock for printing web offset publications. These guidelines have been set up to have a consistent color standard ensuring reliable, predictable color and quality color in web offset print publications. However, SWOP is for web offset coated paper, not for sheetfed or uncoated. Never use Mode/ CMYK color in Photoshop because the image will be converted to ‘SWOP Coated.V2’, which the color will change on final product.

GRAcol stands for General Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography. A set of guidelines for planning and processing work for printers. It specifically applies to sheetfed printing. It must meet certain ISO standards and must be printed on # 1 or #2 sheet. #1 sheets are premium and made from wood content. #2 sheets are made from mix of wood and post-consumer waste pulp and are often milled in east Asia. The benefits of following the GRAcol guidelines are promoted better communication between print buyers and suppliers. Also, it reduces costs, decrease turn-around times and avoid remakes.

SNAP stands for The Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production. A set of guidelines is designed to improve reproduction quality in newsprint production and the exchange of information. SNAP is intended for advertisers, publishers, pre-press managers, material suppliers, commercial and newspaper printers. Not intended for magazine, catalog, packaging, or direct mail printing. The use of SNAP can ensure that the ideas of the designer and art director are printed in an accurate, efficient, and timely manner.