Journal 1

I saw a graphic designer hiring post on a website. The company didn’t provide an intern position but I wrote them a short email to express my strong interest in the position and ask them if they would like to give me a chance. The company is called Reden Media, a startup print Ad agency found on May 27, 2012 and it’s located in Flushing, NY. It’s a private company. The company has 6 people including the president. The primary business is we do graphic design, web design and development, printing and 3D printing. The majority of the clients are Asian.


Journal 2

The person who interviews me is the president David Xu. Before he interviews me, he asked how do I found the company. I told him I found it online. The website they post the job information is not popular and hard to find if not do research. The interview is not formal. I was expected its very formal and I was nervous. The interview actually more like a normal conversation. He asked me where I am from, date of graduate, my class schedule and portfolio. That was it. The interview didn’t hold more than 15 minutes. I was the only one who schedules for the interview.


Journal 3

My role in the company is graphic designer. The first I dress up for my internship is I have a white shirt with a long dress. Outside with a gray long coat. The attire at the company is informal, so after the first day, I changed back to a comfortable style. The employee workstation is open space. The typical employee work day is project then lunch and then project. Basically just doing project for the first day.


Journal 4

After the first day, the second day is busier. My supervisor gave me three projects, one flyer, one business care and a poster. While I was working on these project, I need to pick up phone calls, make corrections for other designers’ sketches and prepare printing layout. It was kind of overwhelming me but I enjoy being busy. What I truly feel on the second day is real work and school work is different. Real work time is much more compact and inspiration must be quick and correct. It is hard to spend hours in one flyer to make it perfect, otherwise, the other work can’t be done before the deadline. But school work can spend more than a week to do it and its more flexible. In this case, time management skill does matter.


Journal 5

Every work day, I have three small projects from a different company. My supervisor provides me strategies and I will have to follow the direction to do design. One thing I have learned is never go against the client, because some clients’ aesthetic standard is not as the same as designer level, so whenever they want to change a color or picture they want to use, unless they are really bad for the design, I would just do what they asked me to do. This way save time and everybody is happy.


Journal 6

One thing I feel the challenge is to set up printing layout. Except for those large posters, products like business card, coupon, flyer, banner and postcard are needed to have bleed on the printing layout. For example: my supervisor asked me to places the 5’’ x 8’’ postcard on an 11’’ x 17’’ template. Before I don’t know it can fit four postcards on the 11’’ x 17’’, I place two on it. Then my supervisor saw it and told me the layout it’s not correct. He said if I put two on the template then I will waste a lot of paper and time on the final cut. I did the same mistake on the other product either but he’s very patient to teach me to avoid such problems, which also gives me motivation and encouragement to learn and work.

Journal 7

This week is a little bit tough. I got a client who needed a flyer to promote they kitchen cabinets. The pictures they provided are not high resolution and they all blur, so I needed to call them and told them the problems. The lady who was in charge of the promotion said it’s okay to use them, their manager liked the picture their choose. It was hard to convince them and they want the flyers within two days. So they didn’t want to spend time on arguing about the pictures. Then I designed the flyer and sent the digital sketch to them. They check it and asked me to change the pictures. I spent a long time to find commercial free pictures and changed back and forth 5 times. They didn’t like the pictures, so they provided another image, they all low resolution again…This was repeated several times. Then I finally found few of the good resolution pictures from the pictures they provided. The client was a little bit annoyed, but as a designer, I have to make sure every product are high qualities. I was glad that I can make it right at the deadline and they are happy about the final products.

Journal 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

These few weeks I have been working on a project for the Bank of China. They required two flyers, one brochure and a 25 pages booklet for their new features. During the design process, I need to design both English version and Chinese Version for the flyers, brochure, and booklet. What I feel challenge from this big project is how to perfectly combine Chinese and Western elements. I get used to designing English version first, the background, and then Chinese Version comes second. I found out that if look good on the English version, it doesn’t fit for the Chinese Version. If looking good on the Chinese Version then don’t match the English version. The biggest problem is the typeface, both English and Chinese are different. The same size for both of them is also different. So I took a long time to design a balanced background image and layout and make sure both of the typefaces are working on the design layout I made.

Journal 13, 14

Normal working days. There’s a new fashion studio open across from our office, so my boss which is my supervisor is friend with the fashion designer. So he let me design a floor sign and business card for the fashion studio.The fashion designer has very rich connections, a lot of people come to her studio since the first day opening. Sometimes the fashion designer would recommend her clients and friends to us because many of her clients are running business. However, although I already reached 120 hours, I still want to work here. The experience I gain is more than what I had learned before. I would like to have more experience and make a better career path later in my life.

Most Recent Work ( in progress and printed out)

Flyer for dance studio


Printed out flyers