Mystery&Suspense Storyboard

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I wake up and at the clock, it’s already 1:30. I arranged to meet friends at 2 o’clock at the movie theater and I am about to be late. I am rushing to get prepared and  grab my bag then walk out my house. On my way to the movie theater,  I see a lady is handing the missing baby notice to whoever is walking pass by her. When I am walking toward her direction, she immediately runs to me and hand me the notice. She said:” If you see my baby, please contact me, please, thankyou  so much.” I said ok then I walk away. When I walk to the movie theater, I read the notice. It has a picture of the baby and says Missing Baby, 5 months , lost in the supermarket at 7 p.m. on September 25,2015. It’s been 1 month already. I actually out of time so I don’t put much attention on the notice. After I finish watching movies, shopping and dinner with my friends, we separate  at 10p.m. at the subway station. The subway station at night is very quite. Only me and a young woman are waiting for the subway. I see the young woman is holding a baby. I like kids so I keep staring at the baby. At this moment, the young woman seems to know that I am looking at her kid. She said:”oh, it’s not a real baby, it’s a handbag. ” Then she puts up the baby’s clothes and show me the zipper on the baby’s belly. It’s face look familiar to me, the baby’s eyes seems made by glass bead. I ask her where did she get the bag. She said:” I made it by myself. It took me  a month to do it.” I am surprised by her skills and said:” you got skills. It’s very well done.” The subway just arrived. She said:” Thankyou , it was something useless, so I remake it in a bag. I have to  leave, bye” , then she get on the subway. I don’t feel like to get in the same train with her, because the baby handbag’s face looks alike with the picture on the missing baby notice,  so I just watch the subway leave. I take out the missing baby notice, the baby picture on the notice looks exactly the same.

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