A Day in the Park-Final

                                                         Aspect 16 x 9

  1.  FS-High Angle                                                  2. FS-High Angle1              2

3    MS-CU-OTS


4a. MS-Tilt Shot                                                   4b. MS-Tilt Shot

3a       3b

5. MS-CU-Eye Level-POV                                 6. MS-CU

IMG_0290          IMG_0291

7a. MS-Crane shot                                            7b. MS-CU-Crane Shot

IMG_0292         IMG_0293

8. MS-CU-Eye Level                                         9. FS

IMG_0298        IMG_0294

10a. MS-OTS                                                   10b. FS-High Angle

IMG_0295      IMG_0296

Capture new


Zoe and I are walking to the park. We don’t have any conversation while we are walking, because the park we are going to visit has too much memory , also pain.  We stop walking and stand on the side of the park. We look into the park with thousands of words well up in our hearts. Kids are running around in the park, playing games, balls, swing and slides. We walk into the park and find a place to sit down. I bring up a topic but it doesn’t seem the right one. I asked Zoe if she still remember the time when we gathered in the park after school. Zoe smiles at me and she said she remembers. Then she slowly raises her head and look at the sky. I see her tears in the eyes. She tries to control the sadness, but fails. Her tears running down her face. I understand how she feels but I don’t know what to say, so I’m just hugging her. I tell her that we all want to keep the forever friendship but time won’t help us, we all have to grow up and the way we live will be different.  Zoe seems to have listening to my advice. She stop crying and look at me. She said it is time to move on and she wants to spend her time somewhere else. At the end, we leave the park and my feelings have never been more relaxed.


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