Assignment#5 Paired Color Identities

Paired color identity is I chose one color that could represent my partner’s personality, which is muted blue-green color (see composition on right side). The muted red color in the middle is both of us chose it for our common color.  I chose blue-green to identity her personality is because she gave me a fresh feeling, she’s out looking is very strong personality, so I decided to drew out her upon part of her body as the identity of her.  I made the edge looks like a film because my partner told me that she likes to watch movie.  Beside, she chose muted violet to represent my personality is because I am quite, don’t like to talk, it’s kind of made me have mysterious feeling for her. Even though I’m a simplistic person, i still a girl who is really like high heel, so she chose high heel to identity me (see composition on left side).

From this assignment, I learned how to communicated my opinions to others, and discussed  the problems with partner in order to learn her critical opinions.

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