United Federation of Teachers is an organization predominantly made up of education and healthcare professionals, the UFT will strive for fair and competitive salaries, enhanced professionalism and improved working conditions. UFT is work for the community and they also educate the people in different apartments. Today we went to the UFT in downtown Manhattan and to explore more information about the printing press. As we learning Communication Design, we not only doing digital design, also the printing for us is very important.

One of the machines is print in poster-sized, which the paper is 11” by 17” and in color black and white. The other one is a newspaper type articles style printing machine. This machine used oil-based ink and produces a medium quality picture. Another one is a large Ryobi series printing machine.

You need the right materials for a correct printing machine. Sometimes the paper, ink, or based is very matter with the final product come out. Choose correct materials for the printing machine is very important otherwise will destroy your work.

Daily Life Video

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Visual Quote

This design intention is to show hows the words looks different in a different typefaces, weights and color. As you can see each line have a little changes. The fonts size are change in each line and also the weights, the first two line have a same typeface but different weights and size to it. The bottom two lines are have a same fonts but different sizes to it. Also, I had added a image of the author into the poster.


Visual Quote

The intention of this design is to show how was different typeface will change the feeling of the word, as like the quote says “Its focus wasn’t on the written word but how the word was written.” The same quote but with different typefaces, font weights, and color. These makes a big different on how you feelings with the quote.



         “Never give up easily, otherwise regret yourself.”I love graphic design and I want to be a graphic designer in the future. In my junior years of high school, I had discovered that I really interesting and passionating about graphic design, so I had study graphic design in 10th grade. I never stop to study graphic design and never change my goal to be a professional graphic designer. My idol in the graphic design industry is Neville Brody, I want to be like him that successful and have a big influence on the society and design industry. His works are very inspired me, and teach me to be bold and think out of space when you design, do not lock yourself in the “design rules” or give yourself a particular style to follow. My goal is to be an international profession graphic designer, and my works are all over the world.  In the journey of been a graphic designer, I had involved in the different competition, art shows, and designer’s symposiums. Never stop to chase my goal.