Jada Bennett Essay 2

Jada Bennett

Monroe Street

ENG 92 Writing 

27 July 2020

Essay 2 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been various of events and tragedies that happened . In the article “ First lockdowns, then riots- here’s how left hypocrisy added fuel to the fire” by Rep. Ken Bucks, discusses how during this pandemic, protesting, looting and riots have made a drastic change in the world after the death of George Floyd. In my opinion, protesting is a good thing for when you want to fight for what’s right. However, not during a COVID -19 pandemic. We have lost globally over 700,00 people. People have been protesting nationwide and it has been very dangerous and most of all unhealthy. 



Social distancing has been the main issue people have seem not to follow. People are protesting in massive crowds when they’re not suppose to.This was very effective to people because while being in the same crowd, people are spreading there bacteria and germs around. This has also been a major problem because some people haven’t also been following the rule to wear a mask outside. “ Yet as these vigilantes take to the street, I have yet to  hear any state or local leaders cry “social distancing” and break  up these mass gatherings out of coronavirus concerns.” It’s appalling that people aren’t taking these precautions as seriously as they’re supposed to .There’s people that’s systematic and would think that it’s not necessary for them to wear a mask. However, they’re still at risk they can still catch the virus. 


During this pandemic, were given a curfew to follow to stop the looting and rioting. Protesters weren’t following those rules which caused them to get into fights with officers and attacked my tear gas and rubber bullets. This is another terrible thing during this pandemic because this has made nothing any better than what we are going through already. Everyday, we are losing family members, friends and loved ones from this virus. It gets even worse when people are not going by the laws and regulations to avoid anymore deaths and violence. “The same politicians who once called for total lockdowns of their states are now allowing looters and rioters to destroy the communities they claim to love.” With that being said , the looting and rioting was uncalled for in the first place. Whether politicians allowed it or not, this was something that changed the world negatively. 

I am uncertain about when Buck quotes “I will always stand up for Americans’ First Amendment rights — whether it be peacefully protesting or practicing their faith. However, in no way is the behavior we are seeing a peaceful demonstration.” The fact that people were protesting during a pandemic was not much of a good idea. I feel like if you want to express how you feel towards what’s happening in the world , it’s ways to go around it without looting and physically fighting the police. That isn’t making it no better and being in a crowd like that is very unhealthy especially because we were in a pandemic. The coronavirus was by far the most tragic and depressing thing that happened to us and it has changed the new normal today. Protesting during COVID-19 was the most dangerous thing people have done to have their voices heard.

Aldo Essay 2 Draft

Aldo Pena


Should Protesting continue to happen during the Covid-19 Pandemic?  I believe that even during this pandemic the people should still be able to protest. Change is very much needed in society to protect the lives of those around us. Currently there are two pandemics, Covid-19 and the police force itself. The amount of unlawful abuse they have been causing is sad. No matter what Protesting is needed to lift our voices so that those in power can hear.


Society has been dealing with many past altercations between cops and blacks that have sadly ended in tragedy. Recently with the death of George Floyd those who have witnessed all these incidents have grown sick and tired of these killings. Not only have we been dealing with the police but also racist groups such as the KKK and those who wave around the confederate flag. This is a problem because it is very hard to get rid of these groups, especially when the government is ignoring how hateful there are towards the black community. It is also difficult for people to understand that those who are protesting during a pandemic who are being called  “Crazy” are actually just sick and tired of the violence. I believe that there should be more awareness on the issue because it is something that needs to be addressed by not only the media but the government as well. 


When it comes to how Covid-19 has affected those who are protesting in the United States, there are a lot of ups and downs. Thanks to the protests many people are being brought to justice and laws have been passed to protect the people such as the new law that bans choke holds from being done by police. Even though it might now sound like a lot it’s good to see that we are doing some progress. But since more people have been avoiding social distancing to attend the protest the cases in Covid-19 have been increasing drastically along with the hospitalization rates. It’s hard to imagine that People like George Floyd would have received justice if it wasn’t for the protest.  


I understand there are those who don’t come out to protest because they believe that the protest won’t solve anything or will be a waste of time. But, if you’re not willing to stand up for what’s right and fight for it, then you’re not going to get anywhere. It’s important to know that we have the power to change things as long as we stand up together. It’s also important to realize that we can make changes in our own lives by changing how we think and act. This is why I’m so passionate about protesting during a pandemic. It is a great way to show people that we care about them and their well being.


In conclusion, protest should continue to go on despite the Covid-19 pandemic. It is important that we all take a stand and fight for what we believe in. It is also important that we all have a voice and be heard and not just ignored. I think that this is an important issue because it shows how much people care about their rights and how they are being treated.