Media Share (The Pink)

The media I chose this time was a sing  called Cut My Hair  by Mounika (feat. Cavetown).

The pink had to do with someone being transgender however for Anderea Long Chu, her experience was much better than most. I love that she was able to celebrate openly with her friends and be happy but many others don’t have that experience. There are many people who have family and friends who don’t approve of those kind of changes so anyone who’s transgender has a hard time and the pain exceeds that of just physical. In the song “Cut My Hair” the person speaking wants to be someone else and is conflicted with their feelings. The song is slow and soft in the same state if the speakers demeanor. They don’t have such a good time with her transition but to give it a start they cut their to start. The difference between the text and the song actually gives me hope that people of all kinds can be happy and excepted for who they are one day.

Noelia Lazo Media Share

For my intro I want to use the song “Silence” By Marshmello Ft. Khalid.

From what I knew this song was very popular for a month or so as most songs that come out from well know artist don’t always last long. I choose a song specifically because I’m a person who loves constantly listening but yet the music distances me from everyone thus becoming (as the song states) one with the silence. The irony in the song also intrigues me for saying “in one with the silence” while in a song used for the sole purpose of the silence. But then the thought crossed my mind that silence may not only be the absence of sound but also the state of simply being alone. There’s a saying of being alone in a crowded room and in the same sense someone can embrace silence in place filled with noise which leaves room for contradictory to the meaning of the words.