For Wed 10/21

Hey 1101ers,
And, after a week or so away…we’re back! As mentioned previously, for this coming week I want you to focus on the two big pieces of writing we’ve been working on this Fall: Essay 1 and Essay 2.

By the end of the day on Wednesday, please complete a second draft of your Essay 1 and post a link to it as a reply to your note on the feedback you’d be using to revise.

Also for Wednesday, please share a link to your rough draft of Essay 2 as a post under the category “Essay 2 Feedback”.

Before we Zoom on Wednesday at 11am, please read the following:

Kate Crawford’s “The Anxieties of Big Data”; and…
Jon Caraminica’s “Drake: Rapper, Actor, Meme”

No need to do a Media Analysis post for this week on top of everything else.  In the Zoom, we will begin talking about strategies for creatively and interestingly using research—including, notably, building unexpected connections between seemingly quite different (possibly even unrelated) topics.  This will come in handy as you continue to develop your Essay 2s…

Welcome home—’see’ you Wed morn!


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