Dom Padon Media Share 6

After reading The Evolution of Internet Addiction, Addicted to Addiction, and The Viral Virus, the summation of what I learned is that despite the internet’s significant benefits (i.e: helping humans connect to others all over the world [most especially during the pandemic], allowing a quicker and more convenient access to resources like news and general information, allowing society to establish a common ground through social media and the like, and making life easier in general), too much of it can be a bad thing. People can develop addictions, dependencies and other negative behavior from unregulated internet usage. Yes, the internet makes life so much easier, especially with it evolving to something that has become a basic necessity for modern society, but when people see how easy it makes life, they can either get too comfortable with it, or they forget that a life outside screens exist. This becomes dangerous, because when every man, woman and child on this planet becomes a slave to their screens, we might become living corpses who forget how to truly live life and be healthy. (This paragraph ending is a bit bland, and for that I do apologize. But then again I’m making this at 6 AM with no sleep from the day before. Whatever happens, happens, right?)

I made this meme to kind of point out the good and the bad about internet usage. The stonks meme is such a funny medium to address stuff that isn’t as easily addressed or stuff that is hilarious once it is pointed out. And you can kind of say that memes are really a good way to express thoughts and ideas aside from being posts on shitty Instagram meme pages and subreddits. After all, almost everything is a tool whose purposes and effects are subjective to the user, right?

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