Nahid Ali Media Share5

I’m choosing Serpell’s text for this week’s media shares. I want to share this article that is related to the text. This article shows most Americans until recently thought the cruel and unusual punishment those officers administered was a thing of the past. That the nation’s police forces had become more restrained in the excessive use of force. At its worst, unlawful use of force by police can result in people being deprived of their right to life. If police force is unnecessary or excessive, it may also amount to torture or other ill treatment. Unlawful force by police can also violate the right to be free from discrimination, the right to liberty and security, and the right to equal protection under the law. Just like in Serpell’s text, the police actions towards the girl are totally unnecessary. He try to defuse a situation without actually know what’s going on, just because of her skin color

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