Alexandria Dorato / Media Share #5

For this weeks media share, I shared this video with you to relate it to Sepell’s text. The text and the video are similar since they both represent police brutality. The officers that arrested Eric Garner were so violent that the victim later died. Eric Garner clearly wasn’t able to breathe but the officers didn’t seem to care and proceeded with attacking him. Violence is never the answer and the situation could have definitely been handled differently. This video also relates to Serpell’s text since both the video and text have “what was said”. In Serpell’s text, the “what was said” was the recording of the incident and what you are able to hear in the video. For example, when the officer was attacking the girl, you are able to hear “what are you doing? You’re hurting her”. It is the same thing for the video I shared except you don’t hear any witnesses, you just hear the pain in Eric Garner’s voice when he says “I can’t breathe”.

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