kamilles media share

        My List:

  • A man jumping from a trampoline into a pool but missing
  • Police brutality 
  • Variety of different Tik Tok dances
  • Crazy asian people cooking very weird things and eating it after
  • Wanna be rappers
  • People harassing animals but regretting it after
  • Street fighting
  • Clowns scaring people  

2 thoughts on “kamilles media share”

  1. Violence in one way or another:
    -man missing a trampoline jump
    -police brutality
    -animals being harassed and retaliating
    -street fighting

    Social Media trends:
    -asian people cooking weird things (it was likely mukbang, wasn’t it?)
    -tiktok dances
    -wanna be rappers
    -clowns scaring people in public

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