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After reading “My Instagram”, I found this article that relates to this text.“Instagram worst social media app for young people’s mental health” by Kara fox talks about how social media has a bad impact on people’s mental health these days. People on social media aren’t always perfect. It shows you what you want to see.  People only show the good side of their life. You don’t know what’s happening behind the camera. In the article, Kara states “Instagram draws young women to “compare themselves against unrealistic”, I completely agree with her because Instagram is setting a fake standard for the people to live by. Young females feel insecure because they want to have an Instagram model’s body. What the followers don’t know is most of the pictures are either photoshopped or these models got plastic surgery. People need to stop depending on this thing they see on social media. There’s a whole different world outside of it. Social media is not reality.

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  1. I totally agree with you. We just see good side of people on social media. You stated “There’s a whole different world outside of it. Social media is not reality”. This is right because we think what people shows on social media is real but it can be fake. People compare themselves with anyone but I think they just hurt themselves by comparing. They shouldn’t compare because everyone is unique own their on way and no one can become exactly like someone else. So, We should stop believing what we see on social media and start believing in ourselves.

  2. I 100% believe this. No one on social media talks about the downs in their life, they make it seem as If they have this perfect life, and those who compare themselves start getting a low self-esteem. If people where more honest on social media you would see more post from those who rarely do.

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