Media Share 3 Aldo

I once read a book on social media addiction called the power of habit. It was about how we can use our brains to become addicted to something. The book really reminded me of Dayna Tortorioi’s “My Instagram”. The power of habit was written by Charles Duhigg, and he is one of the most influential people in psychology. The book talks about how habits are formed through repetition. In this book, he talks about how you can learn to be more disciplined when you’re trying to become more disciplined. He also talks about how you can get rid of your bad habits if you want them to go away. As we know Instagram can be very addicting because of all the unrealistic lives and edited pictures that influencers post created a low self esteem for others who now feel embarrassed to post something that will probably be nowhere near that. I think it’s important to understand what makes us addicted and why we need to change our behavior.

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