Work Due Tue 9/8

  1. Respond creatively to someone else’s Media Share (1 or 2).
  2. Read & post a Media Share (#3) related to Dayna Tortorici’s “My Instagram” (in readings).
  3. Read & comment on 2 classmates’ Essay 1s. Guidelines for commenting:

In your feedback, please comment on at least 1 specific passage in the essay you’ve learned something from (and explain what you’ve learned) and make 1 specific suggestion about one passage in the essay that you think could be improved (and explain how to improve it).  Please quote from the essay at least once in your post.

NOTE: Please scroll to the bottom until you find someone who has yet to receive a comment from someone else—or someone who has only received 1-2 comments.  We have to make sure everyone gets feedback!

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