Perez josh The pink 3a 3b

3A. In The Pink by Andrea long chu, we learn about Chu transition from male to female.

Chu transition from male to female was very difficult and it’s apparent in the story. The way Chu expresses this difficultly is through a story format. What I mean by this is Chi guides us from start to beginning to end how her journey from male to female was for her. She starts by telling us the time before her surgery and what was going through her mind beforehand. Chu states in truth I was collecting pains pinning them like insects to the corkboard of brain scribbling little labels below this part of the story stood out to me because it really gives me the idea of what the central problem is here. to me, that problem is she’s simply nervous about the transition from male to female and how people can’t seem to accept trans people. This leads me to my next point which is later on throughout the story chu explains the difficulties of her struggles when it comes to being transwomen on of my favorite lines out of the whole. The story is the very last line The Thing about vaginas is you can never get a good look at them it just shows to me the varying issues that come with being a transgender woman and it just gives you the feeling that the story isn’t resolved because till this day transgender people are suffering from discrimination and just outright disrespect. The only question the ending of the story left me with was is she finally comfortable in her own skin.


3B two scenes I would like to add to my essay one would be describing how I felt when I first entered high school and how I felt. It would start along the lines of this here I was in a lunchroom packed with unfamiliar faces almost like riding the train on a weekday afternoon I could hear noises from every direction left right up down everywhere. However no matter how many voices I could hear and how many people where around me I felt enclosed almost trapped in a room with no way out trapped and alone in the unknown world.


My next scene would be a celebration scene in which I finally got out of the unknown and made it to the known world I broke out of that dark room I felt like I was in and I was euphoric I was able to talk to people I met new friends the party just never seemed to end. I was happy colors became a lot more vibrant and life a lot more interesting everything was simply amazing. 


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