Mehreen Khanom Media Share 2

After reading Chu’s story, this picture reminded me of her situation. I feel like this picture represents Chu because she was struggling to adjust after her surgery. She thought the surgery would fix everything but it didn’t. The rocks in this picture represent the struggles she faced. This picture gives me a disappointed and unhappy vibe. After she became a woman, she physically changed but not mentally. She was still sad. Even though her friends were there to support her she still felt empty.

3 thoughts on “Mehreen Khanom Media Share 2”

  1. I totally agree with you, and I find it very interesting that you saw how the rocks in the imagine can relate to Chu struggles throughout her transition process. I didn’t see that connection until you mention it.
    A question I have for you is can this imagine relate to you or relate to an experience you had in the past?

    1. Yes this picture definitely relates to my past experience. Back in junior year in high school I was really stressed and for a long time I wasn’t happy. I was really worried about the school work so I would say the rocks in this image represents all the unfinished school work that was piled up.

  2. Mehreen, this is such an interesting image. Can you tell us more about it——who made it, where you found it, what it depicts, etc.? More details would be great. I like the links you’re making to Chu’s text, too–but maybe you could go further in thinking about what the rocks might metaphorize. Contraary to what others have been emphasizing (that Chu’s text is about change), you seem to be exploring here how something in her DOESN”T CHANGE. The rocks seem to evoke this idea (to me, anyway).

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