1 thought on “ESSAY 1 DRAFT PEREZ JOSH”

  1. I found your essay to be really impactful. I’ve also lost someone who made me better as a person, and I know how deep the pain you felt must have been. Death is never easy, and time never washes away the pain. Maybe that’s the silver lining in that situation; since time never really erases a person, their memory burns in your heart and mind, and they’re never truly gone. Your writing really illustrates how he affected your life positively, how you felt when you heard the news, and the inspiration he gave you, and I think you’re really brave in sharing your time of vulnerability. I also like the hints of optimism you leave throughout the text, where you describe your self-confidence despite the fear of freshman year, and when you come to terms with your mentor’s passing by swearing to always follow what he taught you. Mad respect to him for being a positive force in people’s lives and to you for sharing this story.

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