Productivity Sessions

Like meeting a friend to study, Writing Productivity Sessions motivate us to show up and write together. A facilitator and other City Tech students meet on Zoom to set goals and then start working. Once we begin, the rest of the meeting will be quiet, aside from questions via chat or in a breakout room, and an end-of-session debrief. The facilitator will time the session and let you know when to take breaks. If you join a session late, please remain on mute and contact the facilitator via chat for any questions or to go into a breakout room.

Here’s the schedule for the one-hour productivity sessions (no appointment is required). Check back because the schedule does change.

Zoom link:

Wednesday, March 3 (4pm-5pm)– with Benny

Thursday, March 4 (4pm-5pm) – with Amber

Wednesday, March 10 (2pm-3pm) – with Jackie

Thursday, March 18 (4pm-5pm) – with Amber