Faculty Workshops

Spring 2021  Workshops

Designing Effective Writing Assignments
Handout (Formal Assignment)

Developing Your Writing Intensive (WI) Syllabus

Effective Grading and Minimal Marking
Handout (Effective Grading)

Engaging Students Online Through Writing:
An Introduction to WAC Principles for
City Tech’s First Year Learning Communities (FYLC

                                     Digital Workshops
       Asynchronous workshops for WI Certification

The links below are voiced-over Powerpoint workshops for faculty going through an asynchronous WI Certification. Please refer to the WI Course Outline for the associated Portfolio Assignment.

Mandatory workshops for WI Certification:

Effective Assignment Design

Minimal Marking/Effective Grading

Developing Your WI Syllabus


Avoiding Plagiarism

Creative Classroom

Engaging Students Online through Writing

Archived Powerpoint Presentations from Face-to-Face Workshops


Digital Creative Classroom


Effective Assignment Design


Designing Assignments to Reduce Plagiarism


Minimal Marking and Effective Grading


The Creative Classroom


Developing Writing-Intensive Syllabi


WAC and English Language Learners


Self-Evaluation (PARSE) Workshop for Sixth Year Faculty

If you have requests for additional workshops, additional workshop topics, additional workshop times, or additional workshop formats, please feel free to let us know by leaving a comment here or by emailing us.

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