WAC Fellows Office Hours

Initiated in Fall 2020, WAC Fellows Office Hours continues to be available to  students of WI-certified faculty members. WI-certified faculty members can direct their students to WAC office hours for guidance on writing assignments. These individual tutoring sessions will allow students to get feedback in the process of producing an assignment for a City Tech WI course. See below for FAQs.

Who can attend WAC office hours?

Any student enrolled in a Spring 2021 City Tech course taught by a WI certified instructor.

When are office hours? 

Select dates during the semester are communicated to WI-certified faculty by the WAC coordinators.

How long is a tutoring session?

Students can sign up for 20-minute sessions.

What do students need to do to prepare for tutoring?

Students will be asked to submit a piece of writing piece along with the class assignment by 6pm the day before their scheduled session. Once a student has scheduled a session, they will be sent a confirmation email with a link for submission. A WAC fellow will review their work in preparation for a conversation about next steps for improvement.

What should students expect from tutoring sessions?

WAC fellows will focus feedback on higher order writing issues. This means that sessions will not extensively address copyediting. Instead, students will have an opportunity to think through the overall structure of their writing piece, how to address the assignment requirements, and how best to explain and support their reasoning. 

How can students register for a session?

Email the WAC coordinators, Samar ElHitti (SElHitti@citytech.cuny.edu) or Nina Bannett (NBannett@citytech.cuny.edu) for a registration link or more information about office hours.