Re-thinking Writing

Reflecting on my over 19 years of teaching, I realized that over time I have relaxed my expectations on student writing assignments. The WAC sessions have actually helped re-enforce that. I now know and actually apply the separation of professional writing from informal thought and opinion blurbs. Weekly opinion pieces in 3 -4 sentences about current events and industry trends encourage critical thinking and allow for students to engage and discuss with each other in a safe space. It adds significance and relevance to my lectures, for sure.

Of course, I still require proper business writing for the bigger research assignments as it is an expectation in their future careers. It is, however, made easier with practice accorded by their weekly blurbs. I find that my students are more comfortable putting words on paper (or electronically, as is more the rule these days) with the regular exercises in class which, again, the WAC meetings supported.

My focus has shifted from correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation to nurturing the thought processes more important for students to develop. We are, after all, educating the next generation of leaders.