WAC Assignment Highlight

Professor: Karen Goodlad
Course: HMGT 1101, Fall 2012
Assignment: Industry Leader/Organization Profile

Students describe the characteristics of the hospitality industry and professional duties and standards associated with it.

You have recently been hired by _____________ [choose an industry leader or leading organization in the field you wish to start your career]. As part of the orientation process you are asked to write an essay explaining what you know about the leader/organization and what your career goals are.

Role and Audience
The essay is to be written as if the department head of your desired work location will be reading it.

What WAC principle(s) does this assignment exemplify?

  • The assignment clearly states the task, role and audience, format, and expectations.
  • The assignment is problem-based, focuses on specific course learning outcomes, and asks students to identify and explain key industry characteristics by relating them to their own goals and experience.
  • The assignment promotes learning  of professional terms and communication standards  through reading and application.

How might this type of assignment be used in other courses across the curriculum?

We feel that this Prof. Goodlad’s assignment could be adapted to a variety of courses introducing students to professional duties, goals, and standards of a given field.

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