Susan Kare is a greatly influential graphic designer  of all time. She designed thousands of pixels icons for the world’s leading software companies including both Apple and Microsoft.  Susan Kare was born in Ithaca, New York ,1954 . She was an art Ph.D working at the fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. When her old friend Andy Hertzfeld told her about the opportunity to join a team of interface developers at the Apple company, she didn’t hesitate and took the job. While having not experience in the field , As a means of learning design, Susan took the effort to read books on typography. She clearly lacked computer literacy, but she wasn’t willing to give up and made the decision to develop her abilities.

Throughout the years , She designed  many typefaces, icons, and original marketing material for the original Macintosh operating system.  Her groundbreaking work can still be seen in many computer graphics tools and accessories, especially icons such as the Lasso tool,  the Grabber, and the Paint Bucket. These designs has created the first visual language for Apple’s new point-and-click computing. She  also designed the command icon  (⌘)  which was originally a symbol used to denote interesting features at Swedish campgrounds. In an interview, she explained that the company wanted a new icon for the command key because the Apple symbol was being used way too much so she decided to come up with a new icon.