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Personal introductions, review syllabus and course materials

Discuss internet infrastructure, fundamental concepts and functionality of web communications

Purchase a domain name (see guidelines and recommendations on OpenLab)


Assign Site 1: Hello World

Simple text, meta, and semantic tags

Code formatting

Use FTP to upload Site 1 progress to personal folder on class server

Change DNS to link your purchased domain name with IP address of your folder on class server

Finish any incomplete work from the class session


Add Creative Commons image to Site 1, with attribution link to source

Web image basics

The CSS box (margins/borders/padding/etc)

Introduce styling and <style> attribute

Design and apply simple styles to Site 1

Finish and upload Site 1: Hello World


Site 1: Hello World DUE

Choose subjects for Site 2: Digital History

External CSS and managing a multi-page site

Build rudimentary <nav> for Site 2

Research subject for Site 2; be prepared to share what you learn in the next class. Save links to reference materials for your bibliography.


Controlling layouts: block vs inline elements, absolute positioning, and relative units

Design responsive layout for Site 2 nav

Simple rollover animations with CSS

Using custom fonts

Finish nav design; find or create a portrait for the homepage/bio (see assignment for more details)


Color modes and transparency

“Cobalt Valkyrie” tutorial (responsive units, @media rules with alternate styles)

Work on homepage/bio for Site 2: lay out text with semantic tags; place image(s) with caption and appropriate alt text

Finish homepage design for Site 2; find or create images for the timeline (see assignment for more details)


<ul> and <li> elements; parent/child relationships and the DOM hierarchy

Work on timeline for Site 2

Continue work on Site 2 timeline; adapt design as needed to complement nav and homepage


HTML and CSS review; AI art “Mad Libs” exercise

Work on timeline and continue refining Site 2


Finish timeline; work on bibliography

Midterm grade meetings

Finish and upload Site 2


Site 2: Digital History DUE; present and critique

Finish any incomplete work from the class session





Assign Site 3: Personal Portfolio

Responsive design: rem and em units, @media

Collect at least 10 images for Site 3 gallery; write a 2-3 paragraph bio


Selectors: id and class, pseudo-classes, compound

Formatting and designing responsive thumbnail layout for gallery

Prepare gallery page for lightbox plugin

Design nav and bio page for Site 3


JavaScript overview, basic rules

Integrating simple JS lightbox plugin

Complete gallery page (don’t forget captions!)


Forms and input: usage, styling

Set up simple email interface

Review progress on Site 3

Finish Site 3


Site 3: Personal Portfolio DUE; present and critique

Final grade consultations


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