Marc Martin: Field Trip Post

Marc Martin is an award-winning illustrator, artist and book maker based in Melbourne, Australia. Most of Martins work is with watercolor, gouache and pencil. His work is a world of vivid color, rich textures and “occasional scribble.” Martin is also the author/illustrator of¬†A Forest,¬†LOTS¬†and¬†A River.¬†Having trained and worked as a graphic designer, his moonlighting as an illustrator eventually led him to a successful freelance career. ¬†I learned that Marc draws/finds inspiration from his surroundings, nature, animals, and the city he lives in.

At the museum Marcs illustration caught my attention. The piece is from the book series called,¬†‚ÄėLOTS‚Äô. It‚Äôs an incredible picturebook, that takes you on a guided journey around the world. The first moment I looked at it, instantly it reminded me of our first project we did in class with the collage of our illustrations. It reminded me about the use of ink and water color we used to finalize of the process.

As I researched about Marc I found a blog post about his process when creating his book. He first brainstormed which places he was going to draw by making a list. Finally he then narrowed it to 14 places and made sure that he had at least one location from each continent. He then talks about the material he used for his work, which was watercolor, pencil and gouache to add different vibrancy on each other pages as well to ‚Äúreflect the colors and energy of each location.‚ÄĚ He then goes in depth about this project how it was like a travel diary and part fact. He wanted to make a book that captured all the unique things you can find in various places around the world. For this book, he used a combination of watercolor, pencil and gouache to achieve a feeling of immediacy and vibrancy on each page, reflecting the colors and energy of each location.

Altogether, it really made me analyze and reflect about how that’s the same exact process we took in class to achieve our final illustration. It’s not about your first thoughts, it’s about brainstorming with many different thoughts and then narrowing it down to a smaller number. With Project 2 I’ll defeinlty keep this in mind and for all future projects hands down.

LOTS: A Book About Everything, For Everyone




Jasneily Matos Field Trip Discussion Post

The Agony of Intimacy by Chloe Cushman 

I found Chole Cushman’s illustration¬†particularly amazing the moment I saw it in the gallery. This illustration contains¬†thorn flowers in a motion composition around the drawing of the female body made of black and grey scale. The illustrator¬†used a medium¬†of Gouache and Digital. I found this illustration¬†interesting because¬†I like connecting the female body with nature, so I personally enjoy visuals that describe a story with flowers, leaves, or water; along with a female body. It expresses poems or quotes through drawings that several people can relate to.

Before I researched what inspired Chloe to create this amazing illustration, what I found¬†interesting was the use of motion and how she didn’t illustrate¬†nature in a beautiful and pleasant way, instead, she demonstrated her concept in a¬†painful way. She placed thorns around her body wrapping her arms and legs physically hurting her, except for her most intimate¬†part. First,¬†I thought that the concept of the illustration¬†was self-worth and how women should intimately love themselves. After my research about this piece of art, I learned that the artist emphasizes¬†her illustration¬†The Agony¬†of intimacy for her client Hazlitt.

¬†Hazlitt was a woman that struggled with a chronic pelvic pain disorder known as Vulvodynia, which affects between eight and sixteen percent of women. The women who experience this disorder feel internal rug burns along with small blades splitting every woman’s most precious intimate part. Any internal vaginal pressure can trigger¬†this pain, the slightest¬†touch, period, even when they¬†sit¬†down.¬†Hazlitt¬†was afraid of sexual intercourse, it was the most traumatic experience for her. She didn’t know how to be intimate involve with her partner of¬†6 years, any type of affection in the relationship she would reject. She didn’t feel comfortable with her body, mostly with her most intimate part. Apart from all the¬†different¬†doctors she visited, her partner forced her to go to a clinical¬†sexual health trial, where she found a treatment¬†that changed her whole life.

After Chloe captured Hazlitt’s story she decided to illustrate¬†her client’s pain and desire in this illustration¬†by placing the woman body as the focal point. The artist illustrates the concept of physical¬†pain with thorn around what it seems,¬†Hazlitt’s body.¬† After a rough journey of pain, the biggest,¬†healthy¬†and beautiful flower with leaves placed on her intimate part communicates how she’s finally free.



Henry Chang Project 2 Web and Concepts

Tom Verlaine Concert thumbnails

First I began with an Electric guitar design with line strokes. Later I tried working with a lightbulb, since I was reminded of one of his album covers Light And Cool, which featured such. It was also beneficial since it was a symbolism for “Idea”, and Verlaine was a breakthrough artist in post-punk and unique guitar sounds.

Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Eating Contest thumbnails

Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs hosts a hotdog eating contest at times around Coney Island in the summer. I was more literal with the idea of a hotdog, but also something that associates with fame and paparazzi, one of which features a hotdog on a bun. The first and second sketches features spotlights, with the second sketch featuring a close up of the frank. The third is where it’s bitten off alone on a table with the shot of sunrays. The rest were close ups.

Coney Island recycling event thumbnails

This is a fictional event that’s based on helping clean up any trash or litter left on anywhere in Coney Island. Some elements count the beach, and so what was left in was a bucket to collect litter in. This can be found in the first, second, and fifth thumbnail. That associates with sand castles and the beach, but was also good for referencing garbage collection. A transitional style of dirty to clean was also in plan, on the third thumbnail. I also thought what the idea would look like focusing with a garbage can in the boardwalk area, in the fourth sketch.

E3 2019 thumbnails

E3 2019 being a modern video game press conference is highly digital and extremely favors many sorts of mediums and entertainment industries. One idea was a stage, with reflective surfaces with “E3” on a projection. The next three concepts fiddled with technology, and featured game controllers, mice, in array’d formats. The last one applied everything onto a monitor, accompanied with text.

Central Park Biking event thumbnails

This is fictional event I thought up when imagining what kind of things would be in a Central Park biking event. Bikes were a main part of the concepts, including a close up, distanced silhouettes, and an overhead above branches and a squirrel. All of which were placed in an environment that can be found in Central Park. An interesting concept was bike wheel trails, which is seen in the second image.