Amaris Marte Field Trip Discussion

This artwork by Marjorie Alone I really enjoyed because of how the colors brought my attention. The way the colors are being used which are the pastel colors that bring this artwork more depth. It is from a story/comic called Sheets in this piece the character name Marjorie feels alone or in this case a ghost; she takes care of her parents laundry business. Another character name Wendell, a young ghost is trying to navigate his afterlife and figure out if his place is there or back to living among the life of the living.

The steps or tools being used was using graphite and then transferring it digitally. She started using pencil then using the strokes to create a back shadow as purple being the main color then adding the pastels being seen. Her illustrations of the character’s faces had so many emotions and was understanding to know what they are feeling or thinking. The detail is accurate because of how it is scattered around which makes it unique. The color palettes that were used in the graphic novel were blue and purple tones which fitted the story well.

Overall, this piece was unique and had a good storyline that explained her struggles through a story and how it was overcame. For expressing her work by using the colors to bring it to life made it more interesting to bring the readers in.

Amaris Marte Project 2

A. On a summer day there sat a colorful mermaid playing music at the beach celebrating the day for mermaids.

B. A mermaid with long beautiful hair was sitting on the edge of a pool collecting balloons to share with her other mermaid friends to attend a underwater parade.

C. In the ocean there lived a mermaid name Ariel who loves to play games especially while getting ready for a parade with her favorite glasses.

D. While swimming in the ocean there lived a mermaid who loves to wear costumes for special accusations including for parades while she looks for seashells to bring to her mermaid friends.

E. With long hair and tail a mermaid calls for a gathering to celebrate a parade that brings everyone together on a sunny day.