Project 2 Pencil Drawing- Submit Your Work

Project 2 Overall Assignment:

You’ve been contacted to produce a poster for a special event for a dream client!  Choose a favorite band, show, or cause and represent the feeling of it through skillful design and composition.

Text should be minimal and complementary to the Illustration, which should be the focus of the project.

  • Choose something you truly care about.
  • The cause or event can be a real or made-up.
  • The copy can be real or made up.
  • The subject is totally up to you.

Final art needs to be black-and-white and 11″ x 17″.


DUE next week:

  • Refine the best of your 3 concept drawings into a finished pencil drawing.  This is the last stage of project development before you fully render the illustration.  The drawing should represent the very best you are capable of.  Any drawing “issues” should be solved through careful research, reference, and tutorials.  You do not need to shade.
  • Draw on you best paper. Your illustration board, or 180 lb drawing paper.  Use marking tape to mask your edges off. Draw as large as possible on the page, while still maintaining proportion.
  • 11 x17 300 dpi JPEG file must be uploaded to DROPBOX for grading by 2pm 3/26
  • Students must bring an 11 x17 PRINTED copy for in class critique
  • Students must have their jpeg file on them for in class work next week.

Upload Project 2 Pencil Drawing Here for Grading

Submit Your Work




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