The Swamp

This illustration is made by John cuneo called “The swamp”. This illustration caught my attention due to the colors and the main person being illustrated Donald Trump. There where a few illustrations of Donald Trump that were in the gallery, but this one caught my attention because it was the most different and meaningful in my opinion.


The illustration shows Donald Trump playing golf in a swamp. It is very interesting because he is around many animals that are in the swamp that look like they want to attack Donald Trump, but he is playing golf and ignoring them. This goes back to Donald trump’s campaign where he said he was going to drain the swamp. As in get rid of the people that are bad in the government. Instead he is playing golf and not doing what he said. I think the idea of him playing in the swamp and the animal’s around him shows how he doesn’t care about the swamp and luckily John cuneo didn’t care to illustrate this.


John cuneo has done many pieces for The New Yorker. When doing this piece he was trying to block the noise of people in the media. He also know when to actually illustrate something controversial and make sure no one is doing something similar or else he won’t do it. He also makes the illustration very profane and inappropriate for the magazine that they won’t be able to publish it. Just so sometimes he can stay away from the political topic. Overall the artist and the illustration was very well done and just one of the great political illistration with a story to tell.

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