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Gracia Lam is an award-winning illustrator. She was born in Hong Kong and raised in Toronto. She became an illustrator because she found how you can communicate and bring stories into the light to the audience. Her goal is to visually communicate with the audience and to uncover hidden treasures every day. Gracia Lam designed what I found interesting at the museum. She designed art for Real Simple Magazine and it’s a scene where you can either think it’s a couple, friends, family, etc, sitting on a bench in the rain and the woman seems to be holding an umbrella but the umbrella represents as a waiting text bubble. This icon usually means either someone is waiting or the person is texting or complete silence.

This design stood out to me because I thought to myself how I relate to this design. What I got from this was waiting for a text from your loved one and not getting a response. However, the meaning can go in many different ways. I research an article relating to the art on and the article talks about disagreement with others. The article basically summarizes how if two people disagree, we shut them down and don’t connect with people who don’t see the world as you do.

Overall, I think the art shows a clear statement to the audience. She used great colors and textures to express darkness and the mood in the art. The two people show clear body language and the idea to have the umbrella act as bubble icon is really creative.

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